The Tooth Fairy and Stem Cells

teethWe develop them when we are a baby, we loose them in elementary school, and if we are lucky they grow back healthy, strong and straight! Our teeth provide us with the amazing ability to chew our food while they add a smile to our faces. For children loosing teeth usually turns into lasting memories. However reccently loosing teeth has turned into much, much more…….

  • Did you learn about the option of cord blood banking after you child was already born, so it was too late to save it?
  • Are you looking for a cheaper way to save stem cells for your family?

If so, I have some very exciting news for you! Reccent research has shown that baby teeth are filled with life saving stem cells. To preserve the stem cells found inside the baby teeth they must be stored at a private stem cell lab.  Although scientist have not treated anyone with these stem cells yet, I think it is safe to say that stem cells are the future of medicine and it is only a matter of time before they do. So instead of leaving the teeth for the tooth fairy make an investment that might someday save your childs life!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry

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Fear of the Unknown

I wanted to share another story from my upcoming book.  This is a story from the very beginning about how my family dealt with my birth and the surprises surrounding it……….


On January 11th, 1985 the day finally arrived! With the delivery room full of all of the expected emotions and the waiting room filled of all of their family and friends Mom and Dad were ready to welcome there first child. Then the unthinkable happens, a moment that is supposed to fill their hearts with happiness soon turned to shock, confusion and fear. From the minute I was born it was clear that I was not normal. When my mom looked at her new baby girl she was devastated to find that, not only was I tiny but I was also missing fingers on my left and right hand. And as she would find out later these were just the beginning of the problems. A fear and sadness filled her heart, a moment that is described by many parents as the best day of there lives had become a living nightmare for mine! The worst part for them was not knowing if I was even going to live through the night?  As dad approached the waiting room his eyes filled with tears and everyone quickly knew something was terribly wrong.  Overcome with feelings of worry, no one was sure what would happen next.  That was the day, the day, that was the beginning of a very long journey. That would test a marriage, family relationships and lead everyone down a long tumultuous path.

 This is only a small part of this story, much more can be found in my upcoming book.

No parent should have to suffer the fear of the unknown and this is why saving cord blood should be mandatory! No one ever expects this to happen to them.  But just in case it does wouldn’t you feel much better knowing there is a cord blood match out there somewhere for your baby.

If you have any questions about cord blood please feel free to ask!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry





Waiting Room Confessions



The Other day I made a list of all of my physicians, as I did this it dawned on me that I have 13 different doctors! I mean I knew that I had a lot, but 13 seems a little extreme, even for me. This leads me to my next point.

As if juggling appointments, maintaining medications and remembering all of your special directions as per your doctors isn’t enough. They insist on making your life as complicated as possible.

1.) You call, then you call at least five more times before you even get your appointment setup.

2.) You realize that the only upcoming appointment they have available for you happens to be on the exact day and time as one or more of your prior commitments.

3.) You get to the doctors office right on time and you assume, oh good I’m on time, it shouldn’t be too long before I’m back to my daily plans. NOPE, wrong, the doctors office has another agenda. They’ve decided that your time means NOTHING and that your world revolves around their schedule. An hour after waiting in the packed, loud, germ infected waiting area , they call your name. You practically leap out of your chair while stumbling over all of your belongings as you gather them up. You follow the nurse lady to another desk where the woman behind asks, “Can you please verify your birthday?”After whispering your birthday to her so no one else hears you, she instructs you to sit in a different waiting area because they need to get some blood. NO ONE told you about this part, they didn’t warn you that you would have to basically undress so the 13 year old lab tech could go on an endless search for a promising vein. For a good ten minutes of vein searching, your hand and arm begin to go numb and turn blue due to the plastic tourniquet that’s pulling and pinching your skin. Oh but wait, the best is yet to come. The 13 year old lab tech then proceeds to stick you with a needle only to find out that your blood has decided to go on strike that day. So she tries a couple more times before finally realizing that she needs to call an advanced  nurse for help. Ten vials of blood, dizziness and six Mickey mouse band aids later you go to ….Yep you guessed it, another waiting area.

By this time it’s been at least two hours and you begin to accept the fact, that your are going to be there all day and that pretty soon you are going to run out of things to read and interesting people to stare at. At the three hour mark they call your name again, but this time you are not enthusiastic and are moving at a glacial pace. You finally make into the room, you know the white, cold, smelly machine filled rooms that make you want to run the opposite direction. The nurse lady hands you a KING size, sheer, feather-lite sheet/robe and instructs you to take EVERYTHING off and put it on. So there you sit shivering being teased and taunted with every foot step in the hall and every time the nurse peeks in to remind you that the doctor is in fact there and should be in, in a few minutes.  We’re not done yet, next they feel it is absolutely necessary to send in a medical student to collect all the medical info for the doctor.  95% of the time these so called “medical students”  end up asking me how to spell my medication, and proceed to ask me the definition of the disease they are treating me for. 

After a day of anticipation the door fly’s open and the doctor appears, suddenly the person you were so eager to see,  becomes the last person in the world you want to see. With a quick look at your chart and a 30 second exam he says, “ok, well everything seems fine, I would like to see you again in six months.”  He gives you your papers and suggests you make your next appointment at the desk on your way out.

At the end of all of this you are left thinking, “Are you kidding me? I waited ALL day to hear you say, come back in six months!!!” A month later you get your mail just to find out that your insurance changed the day of your appointment so subsequently your visit wasn’t covered.

The Bill:

-Ten vials of blood $1,000

-One KING size sheet/robe $100

-Lab fees $1,000

-Hearing your doctor say, “Everything is fine”  PRICELESS

I have had plenty of these experiences in my life! I want everyone to know that even though it can be extremely frustrating, I still appreciate everything all the doctors and their staff have done for me! I wouldn’t be here without the help of these truly amazing people.

Natalie Curry


Remember when….. Cord blood can treat memory loss!

Me and Grandma J

Me and Grandma J

Over the course of our lifetime, we have the privilege of spending hours and hours reminiscing about the memorable experiences in our lives. It takes you back to those moments that you can’t imagine your life without and it reminds you of those times that you wish would have never existed, but inevitably make you stronger.  Personally this is one of my favorite activities especially when I am amongst close friends and family. I want to share a few of my favorite memories with you.

 There is a very special person in my life, my Grandma J (my moms mom). She and I have always had a unique relationship. I remember when we would go to the hospital or doctors office, she was always right there holding my hand and whispering happy thoughts in my ears, to keep my mind off of the pain. I remember her calling me everyday just to say, she loved me. I remember her sleeping in the hard chairs next to my hospital beds and being right there as soon as I opened my eyes. I remember going to lunch with her everyday while we talked about anything and everything.
Sadly, within the last year Grandma J has had fewer and fewer memories of her own. Being away from her during this time has been sad for me, every time I speak to her now she ends up crying. My mom gives me daily updates and the consistently bad news leaves a sadness in my heart and tears in my eyes. It is hard for me to imagine her slipping. She has always been so strong for me and now I have to be strong for her.
Recently I made an amazing discovery that has provided me with hope, that one day people will no longer have to suffer from memory loss. I was not surprised to find out that stem cell research is in the early stages of treatments for debilitating diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I can’t dream of a better gift than being able to give someone the ability to remember their life.  It’s a natural human ability that so many people take for granite. 
 The birth of your baby is one of the most memorable experiences of your life. With the stem cells found inside cord blood, doctors and researchers will soon be able to use them to treat memory loss.
Can you imagine not remembering the birth of your child? Can you even think about the feeling of forgetting their face?
YOU CAN HELP! Save your babies cord blood, give everyone the chance to always have their memories.
Together We CAN Help Save Lives,
Natalie Curry

Alarming news for Minorities Representation in Cord Blood!

Since the development of Cord blood banks in 1989, several people have reaped the amazing rewards they have to offer! Many, many lives have been saved and the research completed has been extremely promising. Awareness is  without a doubt the greatest obstacle to the expansion of cord blood banking. However also among these obstacles is that  banks all over the world have an alarmingly low number of cord blood units  available to represent minorities.

Highly underrepresented:

  • Asian
  • African American
  • Hispanic
  • Mixed Ethnicities

Did you know that Caucasians have a 50% better chance at finding a donor through the national marrow program? For others the chance can drop to below 15%!  There are a few major reasons for these staggering statistics.  One of the biggest reasons is that the minorities listed above  have a larger variation of HLA types found in there blood than Caucasians. “What is HLA types?”, you ask? An HLA type is what makes each individuals blood unique. It is the determining factor used when looking for a donor.  So when minorities, especially with a mixed background, are searching for a donor, the odds of finding a match are much higher.

I think it’s safe to say, that this is a major problem!  The solution is simple! We need to raise awareness of cord blood preservation and increase bone marrow registrations. Everyone deserves a fighting chance! There is NO better time than right now! July is Cord Blood Awareness month..together we can spread the word!

 You can help by:  Tweeting on twitter, updating your status on facebook and sharing this valuable news with everyone you know!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry

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