The Price Question?

Cord Blood Banking Raffle Winner and I

Cord Blood Banking Raffle Winner and I

I know that I have discussed the price involved in cord blood banking numerous times before. After giving my speech at the Pregnant New Yorker event earlier this week it occurred to me that price is still the number question people have about cord blood banking. It is very misunderstood so many people are scared away immediately because they think they can’t afford it.  My hope is to encourage you to educate yourself about your choices. Prices range from bank to bank and most all of them offer several payment options.  CorCell cord blood bank even has partnerships with nine different insurance companies that will work with you  to help lower your costs.

It is all about priorities. I am sure that when you are starting a family or having children saving for their future is one of your greatest concerns. Have you thought about what you would do god forbid someone in your family becomes ill? The same way you prepare for financial unknowns you can prepare for medical crisis’s by saving your baby’s cord blood.

If price is what is holding you back from making this decision; opt to bank your baby’s cord blood vs:

  • Going to Starbucks daily
  • Television Cable
  • Dinning out
  • Vacationing

It is small changes like this  that could help you save money to bank your baby’s cord blood.

Most people believe that cord blood banking is thousands of dollars per year and that is untrue. You will pay one larger sum up front to the bank for enrollment /processing/ storage. After that (depending upon what payment option you use) you will pay close to $100 a year or close to $30 a month. It is really a small price to pay to help ensure your families healthy future. I hope that this helps clear things up and that you will ask questions and do research to find the best bank for your family.

If you have any questions regarding cord blood/ stem cells please visit  the Q & A section on

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Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry


Master Cells

Education is such an important part of all of our lives. Cord Blood America (CBAI) believes in the value of increasing education and has created a new program to help. Even some of the most highly educated people (doctors and nurses) in the world have something they can learn. CBAI’s new program; The Value of Cord Blood allows nurses and case managers to earn continuing eduction credits about the importance of cord blood collections. Dr. O’Neill or as I like to call him Dr. G, the Vice President of Operations for Cord Blood America implements these presentations at different hospitals, and Insurance Institutions and all of the staff is invited to attend.

His Presentations include:

  • Introduction To Stem Cells
  • Why Save the Cord Blood
  • The Collection Process
  • Future of Stem Cells

CBAI realizes that nurses spend a very long period of time with the patients, a lot of times even longer than the doctors when it comes to pregnancy. One of the primary objectives of  new program is to educate the nurses so that they can pass the information along to the patients. The response to the program so far has been very substantial.

Stem Cells a.k.a the Master Cells, as Dr.G like’s to call them in his presentations are so powerful and are without a doubt the future of medicine.

Dr.G recently did an interview about this exciting new program:


Dan Berger Foundation Minorities in Cord Blood Luncheon-

Last week I had the esteemed privilege of attending the inaugural Dan Berger Foundation Luncheon. The topic of discussion was minorities and cord blood banking. Cord blood awareness has improved a lot over the course of the past two years. However while raising this awareness the industry has seemed to hit a road block. This road block is the education of minorities. Leaving them very under represented in the amount of cord blood units available to them.

This is a growing issue, at the luncheon some of the most influential people in the world of health care and cord blood banking met under one roof to help solve this problem.

With the dedication and hard work of foundations such as the Dan Berger foundation this issue is on the verge of changing forever.

Did You Know:

  • African Americans have a 58% chance at finding a match in a public cord blood bank.
  • Caucasians have an 85% chance at finding a match in a public cord blood bank.

I can only use one word to describe my feelings about the above; WOW! To me this is un acceptable and needs to change desperately.

You CAN help! Please help spread the word about the importance of cord blood banking.

To learn more about how you can help please visit the Dan Berger web site:

Please watch my interview from the Dan Berger luncheon:


Live Webinar- The Power of Stem Cells

In case you missed my last live webinar with Dr. Joe Hersh, please watch the recorded version now!

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Cord Blood Awareness Month Is Here

YAY! It is July, which means it is official cord blood awareness month! Please celebrate with me the importance of this life saving cause!


LIVE from Las Vegas- Frequently asked questions webinar!

The live webinar from Cord Blood Americas new lab in Vegas was the best webinar yet! I’d like to thank everyone who joined and participated and would like to especially thank my special guest Rebecca Van Wyk!

Check out the recorded version below!

I am now taking suggestions for the next webinar topic please email me at

In case you missed our live webinar from Las Vegas at Cord Blood Americas new lab-

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