Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year! It is special in many different ways and is the platform for the official Holiday Season to begin. So often, people forget to be thankful for priceless things in your life and that is your family. Money and material things come and go within your life but the irreplaceable commodities are the ones that you love and love you back. There is no price you can pay for health but you can do everything within your power to protect the future of your family. For many of you that will be reading this blog, I have had my most difficult year of my life. It has comes with my biggest challenge both medically and mentally. I will be reflecting and sharing with you my journey in my upcoming blogs. It has reminded me how very important family is and their unselfish dedication to see me thru. So, as we enter into this Holiday Season I ask you to stop and truly celebrate the things that money can’t buy, your loved ones. CorCell is my personal choice of private cord blood banks and they too are taking the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Season by offering an additional discount of $200 off enrollment. If you happen to be a member of one of CorCell’s Insurance Partners you can combine this discount with the standard $350 off for a total of $550. Call 1-888-882-2673 or visit to obtain more information and details of the dates available for this promotion. Life is priceless; so make sure to be prepared to protect the ones you love. Stems cells saves and improves lives, don’t throw them away.

Together We CAN Help Save Lives!

Natalie Curry