The power of DREAMING

Have you ever been so happy that your heart feels like it is on fire? Have you ever smiled so much that your face gets stuck with a smile from ear to ear? Have you ever been so happy that you just can’t make your feet stand still? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you know the feeling I’m describing! It’s that feeling you get when words can’t express the emotion you feel at that very moment.

Lately I have been feeling especially blessed in my life and I wanted to share this feeling. I believe that laughter is contagious, love can go a long way and that a smile can melt a heart. Everyday should be seen as a gift and NOTHING should be taken for granted.

Now of course I’m not invincible and I have those days too. Those days where everything seems to go wrong and you just feel like giving up. It’s in these moments you learn, and grow into a stronger person. Don’t see these times as a road block to your destination but rather a minor detour.

Never in my life have I felt more passionate about what exactly I was meant to do with my life than I do now. In my heart I  have always believed that the reason I made it through so many medical challenges was to help people. Now that I know how I can do that I feel over whelmed with the  perseverance to make it possible.

It is my dream to help others by increasing the knowledge of cord blood preservation. It is my dream that everyone gets their chance, that they get their chance to feel that magic that comes with making their dreams come true.

I want to know what your  dreams are! Send me a message and let me know what your dreaming of!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry


Bad Begining….Good Ending

Sunday I woke up in the middle of night, shaking uncontrollably, dizzy and a little nausea. Justin woke up to find  me freaking out and tried to comfort me. I had been dizzy all weekend and was hoping it would just go away.  After the symptoms lasted all night I became a little concerned.  First thing Monday morning I called and left a message for my doctor.  When I explained everything to the doctor he suggested I come in right away. So I headed uptown on the subway which is not an easy task when you feel dizzy and shaky. My primary care doctor is located at Sloan Kettering in the pediatric unit.  Upon arrival the nurses did all of the routine vitals and were not able to read my blood pressure.   The doctors decided to run several blood teasts, urine tests and an EKG (heart test). 

While patiently waiting for my bed to become available I watched many family’s with sick children. I was extremely touched by there remarkable courage. Most of them were connected to IV’s or some form of machine. Some of them were in wheel chairs while others ran around playfully.  I felt like I could relate to many of them. Every time I see a sick child it reminds me how important the Save the cord foundations mission is.

They  started an IV and put me in a shared room with a  very sick, crying toddler and her lovely parents. The poor little girl was receiving a transfusion of plasma which is extremely uncomfortable.  She was understandably upset until she finally fell asleep. I was receiving vitamins through my IV while I waited anxiously for my test results to come back.  Finally after what seemed like days of waiting the doctors came in with the results. My diagnosis was a bladder infection, not good news but it defiantly could have been worse. They started me on a very strong dose of antibiotic one dose which I received intravenously.

Since I was still dizzy from my medicine the doctors wouldn’t let me leave alone. I called my sister Audrey who was at work and she came right over to the hospital. I was at the hospital a total of 5 and a half hours and I was ready to get home. A quick stop at the pharmacy and I was back to the apartment. I hadn’t eaten anything all day so Justin surprised me with one of my favorite meals from Peep along with desert from Sweet Revenge. It was the perfect ending to a very long day.

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry

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