Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I realize this is October 1st, and September is over, but the awareness for Childhood Cancer should be a priority all year long!

Here are some facts that most people are not aware of:

  • 720 Children are diagnosed with cancer every day
  • 250 Children die every day from cancer
  • Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 15 in the U.S.
  • One in every 330 children will develop cancer before the age of 19
  • 500,000 estimated number of children are fighting cancer globally

Other cancer facts:

  • 20,000 people a year, might benefit from a potentially life-saving bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant
  • 1 in 72 people will likely be diagnosed with leukemia during their lifetime
  • Stem cells found in umbilical cord blood are the leading treatment for one of the most common cancers
  • Your baby’s cord blood could save the life of a brother, sister, mom, dad, grandparent, uncle or aunt or a complete stranger!

You may not be the parent of a child with cancer, neither was I until the day of my daughter’s diagnosis.

If you are pregnant, or know someone that is, please educate yourself and encourage them to learn more about their options with their baby’s cord blood.

Together we can save lives!

Lea Ann Stiller