The birth of a new born is a Holy Blessing from God. As science progresses we try very hard to always ethically balance what God has given us to its fullest potential. Even though I was not raised Catholic I did attend a Parochial school, so my roots have been very spiritual. My parents conceived the first perfect matched sibling to provide me with a life saving cord blood transplant in 1989. Many ethical professionals questioned if this was morally correct? Always willing to do whatever it took to protect and save me, they defended their actions. They viewed me as their blessing from God. Believing it was within God’s power to give them the knowledge and match I desperately needed to survive!
This blog is dedicated to the first Vatican-sponsored conference held in mid-November 2011. This will help shine more light on the true value of adult stems cells found in priceless umbilical cord blood. A very powerful quote from Robin Smith, CEO of NeoStem;
“We want to create the road map of the future of adult stem cell research. We want to lay the groundwork of a collaboration between the patrons and the scientists to advance research and reduce human suffering. The long-and short-term initiatives around this partnership is that they can also help Church leader, politicians and educators to understand this cultural paradigm shift, regenerative medicine, that is arising in medicine. We hope that we can get not just Church leaders, but also minister of health and the scientific community to work together to advance the research and transfer stem-cell therapies safely from the laboratory to the clinic.”
Another quote from the same conference, Dr. Peter Hollands with the University of Westminster, London;
“In this conference we were shown a little video asking the general public about stem cells and every one of them – to a man – had no idea. Some people thought it was to do with vaccines disease. So public education is key and this is something I’ve worked on a lot over the years.”
Umbilical Cord Blood is a blessing from God! It is unique as the Child it created, don’t throw it in the trash. Educate yourself and help protect the future of your family and child.

Together We CAN Help Save Lives!

Natalie Curry