What to do now?? Patients with FA who have had a bone marrow transplant are not candidates for chemo and radiation. (The past two blog post, including this one , are all a reflection of my battle that began in January 2011. )

At this point we know I have Cancer and we are told that it has spread to numerous parts of my body. The next step was to find out if it was really growing in all the areas they think it has spread to. We decided to start by doing a biopsy of my left lung.  This is a very risky procedure, but Mom insisted that I have it performed.  My dad and step-mom Cindy came to NY to be with me for the test. Having them with me made me feel comfortable.

Once I got to the hospital they gave me some medicine to relax me and make me sleepy. Next thing  I know I’m lying on my stomach. waiting anxiously for the test to begin. When all of the sudden the doctor said “okay we are finished.” I said, ‘WOW I didn’t even feel a thing”. He said thats because there was no place for us to biopsy. The spot that had shown up on the previous scan had disappeared. I remember being so excited that I almost fell right off the table. Dad, Cindy and I were all over joyed with excitement.

I couldn’t believe it. This meant that there was no cancer in my lungs! Now I just had to have a biopsy of my sacrum to see if the cancer had spread there. The sacrum is the bone at the right at the top of your butt-ox and the bottom of your back Dad stayed in NY to be with me for the procedure. My sisters, Audrey and Emily met dad and I at the hospital for my biopsy. It was the same as the lung biopsy. This time they took a biopsy and I went home right after. Now the hardest part was waiting for the results.