After I finding out that I had cancer, I was terrified but still keeping a positive attitude. I was sure that the cancer had not spread and that I would have it surgically removed and I would be fine.  My next test was called a PET scan. It would show where the cancer was located in my body.  The test itself was very simple and over in no time. Now we just had to wait again for the results.

My next appointment was with a very established thoracic surgeon, Dr.Bains.  I was confident that he would be able to successfully remove my cancer and I would be just fine.  Mom and I waited in a very cold rather large room for Dr.Bains. for an hour and a half.  He came in and began reading the results from my PET scan.  He said the cancer had shown up on the scan in the following areas:

  • Esophagus
  • Left Lung
  • Sacrum
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Stomach

While he was reading this list I was thinking to myself,  does he have the right chart, this can’t be what my scan showed!? I was in shock and shaking with fear. I asked him after he finished reading,  “if there was something he could do for me?” Was I going to die? His response was, “No and we all die sometime.”  He and his gang of about ten other doctors left the room. As soon as they left my knees hit the ground. My body shook with fear and chills. Mom scooped me up off the ground her face was covered with tears. As she rocked me back and forth we were in a state of uncontrollable emotions.

What would happen now? Did I have a chance? Having FA meant that chemo and radiation were not an option!……..