When I read articles published by different organizations advising parents on the benefits of privately stored cord blood, I wonder how many of these professionals have ever been faced with a life threatening illness. Not to mention, feeling the regret of discarding something that was needed to treat them or a loved one!

Do they have a crystal ball they view life through? With over 70 diseases being treated, what doesn’t the future hold for adult stem cells? We already know that everyday stems cells are in the news with much promise for the future of medicine and scientific discoveries.

I urge all expectant parents to do their own research and consider the facts that you never know when you or your child might need theses priceless stem cells. By privately banking your child’s cord blood you have nothing to loose, by neglecting to, you have everything to loose.

It is very upsetting as a survivor to see cord blood be devalued; cord blood saved my life and the lives of many others. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend private cord blood storing. They say “parents should only consider it if a family member has a disease that could be treated with stem cell transplants”. The true facts that need to be considered, there are many diseases that don’t develop until later in life; therefore not storing the cord blood at birth because it may not be needed at the moment may be tempting fate. Also, what about the family that had 1 or 2 healthy children and didn’t privately store their baby’s cord blood but the last child has an illness that could have been cured with one of the healthy sibling’s cord blood?

If you have any questions regarding the benefits of cord blood banking, call CorCell’s help professionals @ 1-888-882-2673 or visit: http://www.corcell.com/; my personal choice for private cord blood banking.

Together we can help save lives!

Natalie Curry