During the Holidays we often find ourselves over spending on material items, and this practice is my inspiration to write this blog.

I personally think that one of the most misconstrued facts about privately storing your baby’s cord blood is COST. When I have the opportunity to speak to an expecting parent, their main excuse for not storing their baby’s cord blood; “It is too expensive”. When they find out what the real cost is and all the options available, they are always shocked! The media and press have consistently reported that it cost many thousands of dollars, etc. The real truth is there are payment options as low as $19 per month!!!

CorCell has over 30 partners, many Insurance Institutions’ to whom they co-brand with to offer their member’s discounts. Often it is as much as 25% off the standard fee. I urge all families to do their research and call your Insurance carrier and inquire to see if they partner with CorCell to qualify.

If you are expecting or considering starting a family, think ahead and be prepared to protect one of the only things in life you can’t buy, your baby’s cord blood.

I have attached an article that clearly makes the bold incorrect statement about the cost of privately storing your baby’s cord blood.


Together we can help save lives!

Happy Holiday,

Natalie Curry