Breathing and speaking is something we all take for granted! Not to mention we can’t survive without the ability to deliver oxygen to our lungs. This blog is dedicated to all of the patient’s who suffer from tracheal cancer or other dangerous condition affecting the windpipe! The treatment for this is extremely difficult and dangerous. Another sad reality, sometimes it is too late for standard surgery or therapy. That is what is beautiful about this new break thru using stem cells.

A 36 year old man from Africa was condemned to die, but luckily for him a professor of regenerative surgery from Sweden built an entirely synthetic and permanent windpipe from stem cells. There was no rejection by the patient’s immune system, because the cells used to seed the artificial windpipe came from the patient’s own body. This is the beginning of a new form of therapy that will only continue to grow.

Cord Blood is the richest source of adult stems cell and it discarded at birth as normal procedure. Educate yourself and others about the importance of saving your babies cord blood. These priceless stems cells are the future of medicine.

Together we can help save lives!

Natalie Curry