It is no secret the value stem cells have in the various treatments for humans but now we are seeing them being used in the treatment of animals as well.  This is a gigantic step forward for veterinary medicine and for many pet owners who regard their fury friends as part of the family.  On July 19th, Bernie, the pit bull, was found by police officers stranded on a rooftop.  Bernie suffered third degree burns on his paw pads and spine.  Dr. Boyd Wagner, veterinarian and owner of the Wyomissing Animal Hospital, said, “I don’t think I’ve seen anything that bad in 25 years.”  Dr. Wagner decided to regrow Bernie’s paw pads with stem cells with the help of Celavet Inc., a California-based biotechnology firm that specializes in stem cell research in horses, cats, and dogs.

Bernie’s case was the first of its kind, using another animal’s stem cells to grow specialized types of cells.  Wagner said, “the stem cells increase the re-epitheliazation at a faster pace and a more uniform pace.”  Essentially, stem cells would be injected into Bernie’s pads to help heal at a quicker rate.  Stem-cell treatment in animals is a growing trend, hopefully sooner rather than later it will be available everywhere.