As discussed in my webinar with Dr. Kramer in late January, All Eyes on Cord Blood, stem cells from Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) are being used to treat debilitating eye and vision disorders in premature babies.

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is a potentially blinding disorder that primarily affects premature babies. ROP is caused by an abnormal growth of blood vessels that damage the retina.  Every year about 15,000 babies are affected.  Two teams from the Centre for Vision and Vascular Science at Queen’s University Belfast are researching different methods of treatment for babies affected by ROP.  The team led by Dr. Derek Brazil is aiming their focus at the potential for stem cell treatments from the babies’ own UCB. Dr Brazil believes it may be possible to protect babies from ROP, and save their sight, by treating them with a special type of stem cell taken from their own umbilical cords. Dr. Brazil and his colleagues were awarded a two-year grant from children’s charity, Action Medical Research, to pursue this life changing work.

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Umbilical cord blood is continuously proving itself invaluable.  Don’t risk tossing it in the trash when you may need it for a treatment or cure.

Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry