I know you are probably familiar with the Movie and or Play called “Rent” and it’s very popular and  highly emotional anthem. “Seasons of Love”.  I hadn’t heard it in a while and was listening to it on repeat today. It really makes you think about what is really important in your life!  It’s theme is all about measuring your life in love. With all of the amazing opportunities people have today,  I feel like sometimes the important things get taken for granted.

Don’t waste your life doing things that make you unhappy, and do all of the things you have dreamed about doing in your wildest dreams.  Don’t let not one day go by without telling those special people that you love them because you never know what could happen tomorrow.  Everyone has tough times and when that happens put that smile back on your face, pick your self up and keep going. Remember that nothing great ever comes easy and that YOU create your own happiness.

I just wanted to share with you what I was feeling today and hope that you will feel the same way. The world can be a scary place, but if you have the gift of  LOVE then together you can face all of your biggest fears!

With LOVE,