Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

My Birthday is next Tuesday the 11th, and I feel extremely blessed to be celebrating again. When my parents were given my diagnosis of FA, doctors didn’t expect that I would live much past the age of 10. I cannot even express in words how lucky I feel to have such a great family who would do anything to help me survive. From parents who wouldn’t give up hope in conceiving a perfect match for me, to my sister’s: Audrey who would rather feel the pain herself then to see one single tear roll down my cheek. and Emily who didn’t hesitate in the decision to give me a kidney and saved my life for the second time.

It is because of them along with other family and friends that I am still able to celebrate my birthday. Not only do I get to celebrate it once a year, but on the day of my cord blood transplant I celebrate and on the day of my kidney transplant as well.  Don’t let the years pass by without celebrating. No matter your age, in fact the older you get the more you should celebrate making it through another year!

Start your baby’s life off by giving them the BEST Birthday present in the world, SAVING their cord blood!

Here’s to another healthy year…Happy Birthday!

Natalie Curry