Mom and I

Mom and I

During my transplant in Paris France, my mom kept a very personal diary about everything from what medications I was on to what her emotions were each day! This diary is very personal to her and she rarely shares any of it. I have not even been allowed to read it!

Today people all over the world people celebrated Stem Cell Awareness day. There has been a tremendous amount of progress made in the cord blood/stem cell industry in the past 20 years! None of this progress would have been possible without the courage of my parents and my mothers determination.

On what is now celebrated as stem cell awareness day, October 6th 1989, my mom wrote the following diary entry:

(These are her exact words as they appear in her diary)

Well…, I guess they did discuss us leaving and maybe on Tuesday, October 10th, 26, we can go to our apartment. This made us all very happy. On Saturday (tomorrow) they will cap off her central line and discontinue the IV therapy and see how she does? IF she has a good weekend they will give her platelets on Monday from Daddy and we might leave on Tuesday? We changed all of the Airline Tickets today.

We want Daddy to get home for the girls. Norma Funk called Natalie today what a surprise! This made her happy, she said “Norma called me all the way from Grandma Jacobs House, can you believe that?” How cute! Now….we get to start counting the days we have left in the hospital.

A mothers love can move mountains and holds a remarkable power! When you think about cord blood stem cells please think of my mom who had the courage to start it all!

Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry