Dr.O'Neill and I in Cord Blood Americas Lab

Dr.O'Neill and I in Cord Blood Americas Lab

This past week I had the honor to attend cord blood presentations along side of one of the nations most renowned physicians, Dr.O’Neill from Cord Blood America. I know I have written about him in the past and having the opportunity to work right along beside him was truly a blessing! His way with words, his charm and the way he can capture the attention of any size audience really inspired me.

I believe I know a lot about Cord Blood but I also believe that people can always learn more. While I was watching Dr.O’Neill give his presentations I felt over whelmed with even more knowledge of the power of stem cells and their never ending possibilities!

Perhaps one of the most astounding facts about cord blood stem cells is their capacity to help treat such a wide variety of people. When I say this I am referring to the fact that a baby’s cord blood guarantees a perfect match for that baby and can potentially help treat a parent, sibling and even an extended family member such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. In Dr.O’Neill’s presentation he explains this with the help of the following chart:

Screen shot 2010-10-27 at 2.57.13 PM

In the above chart you can see how the children inherit genes from both the mother and the father. Science has proven that with a cord blood stem cell transplant a perfect HLA match is not required as it is with a bone marrow transplant. This means that the cord blood from a child doesn’t have to be an exact match to another member of the family in order to help treat them. For example: In this chart it shows that child 3 could potentially help treat the mother, father and others.

Cord blood stem cells are no longer thought to just help children, but adults as well. It is not just being used to treat life threatening disorders but also injuries and conditions such as blindness. There are many conditions that are still considered to be in the clinical trial phase and it is only a matter of time before stem cells are being used to treat common medical conditions.

Save your baby’s cord blood! You can’t go back and get it later, it is a tremendous life saving resource for your entire family. Make it a FAMILY decision.

Together We Can Help Save lives,

Natalie Curry