Education is such an important part of all of our lives. Cord Blood America (CBAI) believes in the value of increasing education and has created a new program to help. Even some of the most highly educated people (doctors and nurses) in the world have something they can learn. CBAI’s new program; The Value of Cord Blood allows nurses and case managers to earn continuing eduction credits about the importance of cord blood collections. Dr. O’Neill or as I like to call him Dr. G, the Vice President of Operations for Cord Blood America implements these presentations at different hospitals, and Insurance Institutions and all of the staff is invited to attend.

His Presentations include:

  • Introduction To Stem Cells
  • Why Save the Cord Blood
  • The Collection Process
  • Future of Stem Cells

CBAI realizes that nurses spend a very long period of time with the patients, a lot of times even longer than the doctors when it comes to pregnancy. One of the primary objectives of  new program is to educate the nurses so that they can pass the information along to the patients. The response to the program so far has been very substantial.

Stem Cells a.k.a the Master Cells, as Dr.G like’s to call them in his presentations are so powerful and are without a doubt the future of medicine.

Dr.G recently did an interview about this exciting new program: