Me, Gina and Carolyn

Me, Gina and Carolyn

After I read about families who are suffering through devastating diseases I can be found sobbing for hours in the darkness of my room. I feel the pain right through to my bones as my heart seems to sink to the pit of my stomach. It is in these times that I really understand that my family has been one of the lucky ones, I realize why I’m still here and I vow to myself to never give up and to keep on fighting.

To keep fighting for all the pain they have or will have to endure. I truly believe that everyone deserves to have the same chances I have received. And I will not stop until Cord Blood becomes a household name and is known in every country, hospital, and physicians office.

Earlier this month I had the honor of traveling to southern California and Las Vegas to promote cord blood awareness along side of Cord Blood America. In this journey I met some wonderful people and learned more then I even imagined possible.

I would like to share with you an extremely brave and passionate person I met on this trip. I sympathize with her and her beautiful family as they lost a dear loved one, a son, a brother and a sparkling spirit in Evan Cousineau. Evan lost his battle one day short of his 10th birthday and when I met his mother Gina it was clear he is still very much alive in her. Learn about Evans story-

It is stories like Evans that keep me fighting, it is mothers like Gina that I cry for and wish I could take away the pain. In honor of Evan, Gina has started a wonderful foundation- Be A Hero-Become A Donor Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to encourage people to donate blood on a regular basis. Gina is in hopes that the foundation will help provide a since of hope for other families struggling with a medical crisis. Please help support Gina and her family on their incredible life saving mission visit:

Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry