Me enjoying my life on the streets of Puerto Rico

Me enjoying my life on the streets of Puerto Rico

I am excited to report possibly the most exciting research I have found to date…

As you probably already know my sisters cord blood saved my life in 1989. What you may not know is that this cord blood helped save my life again in 2006.  When my sister donated her kidney for my kidney transplant something extra special happened. Since receiving the cord blood transplant her kidney couldn’t tell the difference from her body to mine! The truly amazing part besides having a perfect donor, is that unlike all other transplant recipients, I do not and never will  have to take ANY medication associated with transplantation. This has helped provide me with a much higher quality of life.  As there are several medications involved with numerous life altering side effects.

Why I’m so excited:

I just read an article about how scientist are performing research at this time to essentially perform bone marrow/ cord blood transplants simultaneously with kidney transplants from the same donor.  I am living proof that this works and it is only a matter of time before more and more people will be given this same opportunity. To read more about this research please check out this article:

I am lucky just to say I’m a survivor of a cord blood transplant but I am even luckier to say that cord blood helped save my life more than once!

So please join m in my efforts to raise awareness about this incredible cause!

Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry