Right now I am staring out the window at the beautiful skyline of New York City. With tears in my eyes, I think about all of the things I have accomplished in my life and recall everything I’ve over come. I think about the hard times life has taken me through and all of the things that have made and will make me smile! What I sometimes forget is how suddenly it can all change.  After spending the last week in the hospital due to complications from a routine surgery,  I realize all over again how lucky I am.

All I can think about is, how can I help? How can I use everything I’ve experienced to help others? Luckily for me I know the answer; help raise awareness for cord blood preservation.  It breaks my heart to think.  had things not gone as well as they did last week I may not have been able to keep helping!  This is where it comes from, my passion that is. It comes from knowing the pain of the suffering from seeing first hand the effect it has on the family’s and from knowing that any second could be the last.

PLEASE help me in my mission to raise awareness! Cherish every second with your loved ones, relish in every minute spent doing what you love and NEVER take for granted your life!

Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry