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On behalf of Cord Blood America, Investor Forum, We are an independent facebook page not affiliated or compensated by Cord Blood America, Inc. We would like to further awareness to a great charity happening this April 19, 2010http://www.brodiegolfclassic.org/index.html

“Cord Blood America, Inc” will be one of the sponsors of “The 2010 Brodie Golf Classic Charity Invitational in La Quinta Country Club, CA.http://www.cordblood-america.com/ The parent company of:http://www.corcell.com/

This will further the awareness of Cord Blood Banking and Stem Cell Research. ALL Proceeds will benifit the New York City Stem Cell Foundation:http://www.nyscf.org/

We “The Fans” can make a difference!! Please network this out to all you favorite sites and friends. The stem Cells from cord blood can currently treat over 70 diseases! With your help we can expand stem cell research, and provide more and more hope to those who are suffering.

How To Donate to This Charity:
Please make Checks, Phone or Website contributions in
Your name & C/O of “Cord Blood America”

By Check you may donate at:
The New York Stem Cell Foundation
1995 Broadway 1201
New York 10023

By Facebook you may donate at:

By Website you may donate at: http://www.nyscf.org/index.php?option=com_dtdonate&task=authorizenetonce&Itemid=116

By Phone you may donate at:
212-787-4111 (Ext) 100