AIDS Ribbon

AIDS Ribbon

In the 1980’s a new frightening disease began to have devastating effects on it’s victims.  It was known to be a disease so terrifying that patients were no longer accepted as a part of the community……..

…….No cure was ever found and In 2007 an estimated 2 million people died from HIV and 2.7 contracted the debilitating virus. Recent reserach has provided these patients with a new glimpse of hope to treat the disease. After several years of research scientist have made a MAJOR breakthrough.  What they found after treating an HIV positive luekemia patient with a stem cell transplant is truly miraculous! Following the transplant tests confirmed that this patient had NO traces of  luekemia; but even more exciting, HIV was NO longer present.  The success of this transplant was attributed to the fact that, doctors used a donor that carried a specific gene known to battle HIV.

As was published in medical journals these results are not common and are currently reccomended to treat a  very select group of indiviuals with HIV.  Research has also shown that at this time this procedure has proven to be extremley risky. This exciting relutionary procedure is only the beginning of using stem cells to treat this fatal disease.  There is NO doubt that it is a wonderful discovery on the path to changing the world, one step at a time!

Save The Cord, Save A Life!

Natalie Curry