Imagine that tonight you went to sleep, had dreams and when you woke up the next morning you couldn’t see! Seems like a nightmare right?  Sadly this nightmare becomes a  reality for thousands of people …

…It is estimated that there are currently up to 500,000 victims of MS in the US.  The most common symptoms of MS are; fatigue, numbness, balance control, vision problems, and muscle weakness.  The disease can be so devastating that it leaves patients restricted to the use of a wheel chair.

MS is most often diagnosed in women 20 to 50 years of age. Many people would consider this time frame to be the best years of a persons life.  Including important events such as, weddings,  starting families, graduations, beginning careers and sometimes even grandchildren.  Can you imagine being restricted from enjoying some of life’s most precious moments due to MS.

There is no cure for MS. Early detection of the disease offers the patient a variety of treatment options. Until….


Scientist have recently discovered that by using stem cells, the symptoms of MS can reverse themselves by providing the patients immune system with a clean slate.  Doctors and researchers are calling this HUGE news for MS patients, and an evolving study with tremendous potential to cure this frightening disease.  As of now research has shown that patients in the low stages of MS will benefit the most from this new treatment.

Everyday, I hear of amazing stories, ambitious new research and learn of more and more lives that are being saved. All of it is thanks to stem cells and their incredible power to heal!  I strive to spread this news with you so that you can help and share it with others ! With every birth comes two lives. One is the child and the other is the cord blood that is enriched with stem cells.

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Together We can help save lives,

Natalie Curry