Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

Yesterday when I woke up, I laid in bed and watched out the window as snow flakes the size of quarters drifted to the ground.  I rolled over and saw a smiling face staring right back at me as his eyes had the, good morning glad your awake look.  As I climbed out of bed, and reached the living room I saw my puppy waiting anxiously to go outside.

These are just the first few things and are the moments that set the mood for  my day.

It is something that most people take for granted, something that if you are fortunate enough to have you can’t imagine living your life without. It is your sight, a blessing that so many people are forced to live without.

  • The exciting news:

Recent research has shown huge potential with using stem cells to treat serious eye conditions. This is espsecially important due to the shortage of  corneal donors available for procedures related to eye sight.  What scientist discovered in these studies has left the medial field very enthusiastic about the future of treating eye disease.

As I fall asleep tonight I will look out the window at the breathtaking skyline of New York City, I will roll over and see his eyes get heavy and drift off  to sleep, I will tuck in my puppy and watch as she rests peacefully.  I will remember how lucky I am to see all the wonderful things I am blessed enough to see.

When you see the faces of the people who you care about and when you see the beauty that is the world, don’t forget that you are blessed enough to see.

Together We Can Help Save Lives.

Natalie Curry