Dr. Cairo and I at the Tri-State Pediatric Blood Club Dinner

Dr. Cairo and I at the Tri-State Pediatric Cord Blood Club Dinner

In your life, if you are lucky you will have a hero, or maybe a few.  Someone who will always have a special place in your heart, and will be someone you can admire for a lifetime.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  My entire life I have been blessed with having the best heroes of all; my family and wonderful doctors.

This week I was given the opportunity to meet two of the medical fields most renowned physicians, when I was invited to attend the Tri-State Pediatric Cord Blood Club Dinner.

Dr. Cairo- The Chief of the Division of Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine and Pathology of Columbia University. Dr.Cairo’s dream is to further research and find cures for childhood cancers, blood disorders and immune deficiencies.  Among Dr.Cairo’s extensive credentials is his passion to save lives with the use stem cells.  His pioneering visions have helped to lead the medical field and the incredible use of stem cells to where they are today and where they will be tomorrow.  To learn more about Dr.Cairo and his astonishing accomplishments visit: http://www.dream-discover-cure.org/files/discover.php

“It is a gift of life, a very precious commodity used to cure patients.” Dr. Cairo, on the importance of cord blood preservation.

Dr. Kurtzberg- As the, Director of the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Program and Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology at Duke University, Dr.Kurtzberg has been on the forefront of the medical field for decades. As a leader in the cord blood and stem cell industry, she personally performed the first unrelated cord blood transplant. She, along with her group at Duke University have performed more cord blood transplants than any other group.  Her desire and dedication to expand knowledge of cord blood and stem cells sets her apart from other scientist. More recently Dr. Kurtzberg  was responsible for one of greatest medical breakthroughs to date; by using stem cells to treat cerebral palsy.

“All of the children I take care of come to us as a last hope, but they have incredible wills to live. I am inspired everyday by the families and the children themselves who I treat.”- Dr.Kurtzberg

It was such an honor to attend this prestigious event and to be surrounded by some of the worlds greatest heroes, the Doctors.  I am VERY grateful to say that without amazing medical professionals such as Dr. Cairo and Kurtzberg, I and many others wouldn’t be alive today. So to them I say, thank you!

Take time to notice the heroes in your life,  and you will realize they are all around you!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry