Save A Life, Save The Cord

Save A Life, Save The Cord

My story begins when I was diagnosed at 1 year old with Fanconi’s Anemia, a rare fatal blood disorder. Without a matching donor for a bone marrow transplant, I would likely be dead before my 10th birthday. However, my parents would not accept this fate for me, and conceived two children, in the hopes that the bone marrow of a sibling would be a suitable match. On their second try they conceived my younger sister Emily, she was a perfect match and my hope for survival. About six months into the pregnancy mom went into pre-term labor. The fate of my future and Emily’s was in grave danger, doctors placed her on strict bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Now mom not only had the fear of loosing me but the fear of loosing Emily as well. Determined to be as prepared as possible mom spent most of her time on bed rest educating herself about my disease, what to expect as a new mom, and most importantly what events took place in the delivery room.

After reading about umbilical cords, she was left asking ,”what do they do with the cord after they clamp it?” She immediately contacted my doctors to find out if the blood found inside the umbilical cord could help treat my disease? At the time,this procedure had never been performed before. The doctors response was ” who told you about this” Once they were in agreement that saving Emily’s cord blood to use for my transplant, may in fact be better than Emily’s bone marrow, my parents and doctors began making preparations to save Emily’s cord blood at the time of her birth. Emily was born through a scheduled c-section, doctors from all around the US came to witness what would soon save my life and change the medical field forever. Emily’s cord blood was the first to be collected and made medical history! Not only was he transplant was a HUGE success, but it has helped to pave the way for thousands and thousands of cord blood transplants. While you are pregnant it is VERY important that you educate yourself about all of the important decisions you will need to make. Saving cord blood is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity, but can give you peace of mind FOREVER!

-Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding cord blood!

Together We Can Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry