Snow in Central Park

Snow in Central Park

This year has been one of the most fulfilling years of my life.  It has given me the opportunity of a lifetime; a chance to help save lives through raising awareness of cord blood preservation! It has brought new people into my life, taken me through the adventures of a new city and taught me what life is really about.  Looking back on 2009, I am thrilled with all of the progress that was made in the cord blood industry.

Some of the highlights made with cord blood in 2009:

  • Opening of more cord blood banks
  • Unrelated and miss matching HLA typing cord blood transplants
  • Save The cord Foundation made their film debut in Dream documentary, introducing cord blood to the entertainment industry
  • Cord blood treats patients suffering from Cerebral Palsy
  • President Obama approves more tax funding for stem cell research

There is no doubt that 2009 was a successful year and with you help 2010 is sure to be even better!

Looking Ahead
May the New Year bring you blessings
You’ve never had before.
And the future standing before you
and open wide the door.
May the past failures be forgotten
as you go your way
and stumbling blocks you fell upon
become stepping stones today.
When your faith is being tested
may peace abide within.
When you must fight life’s battles
you truly have to win.
May the New Year take you places
you have wanted to go
and guardian angels guard you
as you travel to and fro.
May your friends always support you
In all you say and do
and your memories remind you
of those who love you too.
May 2010 be fruitful in each and every way.
May the New Year bring you blessings
and answered prayers each day.
Happy New Year!
Natalie Curry