Just the other day, I was thinking a lot about the past five years of my life. I was remembering all of the obstacles I have encountered, all of the opportunities I’ve been granted and all of the people who have come into and out of my life. It was in one memory that I realized how much I miss, her.  I miss her calling me to tell me my favorite song is on the radio, I miss her begging me to get dressed up and go out, but most of all I miss her smile and the positive energy that surrounded her.  She was my best friend, her name was Chasity.

Chasity and I became friends in our Junior year of High School.  When Audrey and Emily both went away to College I felt lonely and sort of lost.  After they left, Chaisty and I became much closer, she became my sister. We would go out every Thursday night to our favorite bar, called Willies, because Thursday was ladies night.  She was the kind of person who knew how to have a good time and her good spirits aways rubbed off on me. She was more than just the life of the party, she really understood life and had the zest to show for it! In our long, deep conversations  it was clear what a kind heart she had. She wanted to help those in need and was always, always willing to go ot of her way to help even complete strangers.

The night before Chasity’s accident she begged me to go out, but I said no and decided to stay home instead. That was the last time I spoke to her and her last words to me were , “ok, little one, well you better go out with me tommorrow night then, Love You, bye.” So I said “fine, love you too.”  The next morning in the freezing, rainy March weather Chasity had a car accident.  I cried for months and still cry about her everytime I hear or see something that reminds me of her. As long as I still have tears I know that I still have memories!

Chasity taught me how to really live, how to stand up for myself, she is without question one of the reasons I am as strong as I am today! I miss her VERY much, and wish she could know how much she meant to me. I know that she is in heaven, shes still the life of the party and she’s watching over me saying, “Yeah man!”

Chasity was a full oragn donor and her passing  provided other people with life.  I know that she would be so happy to know that she saved lives.  In all that I do with cord blood awareness, I feel like she is right there with me helping me to spread the word.

This post is in loving memory of: Chasity M Henson

Chasity, Together We Will Help Save Lives,