Audrey and I

Audrey and I

It is almost exactly 20 years ago to the day when we came home from Paris France. The following is another excerpt from my upcoming book.

After a successful cord blood transplant, the day had finally arrived, on November 18th, 1989 we left Paris and headed home.  A giant pink “Welcome Home Natalie” sign was hanging on the garage door! But most importantly waiting on the inside was my little sister, Audrey.  She had been waiting three months, thinking that we had all died or left her for good. She was over joyed to see her family walk in the door. She gave me the biggest hug as if to say, please don’t ever leave again. Audrey was only two years old and was already much taller than me. She wrapped her arms around me picked me up and swung me around the room.  I remember not wanting to let go of her, hoping that she would never be far away again. I was VERY close to Audrey and had missed her more than I have ever missed anyone. It was exactly the reunion everyone had hoped for.

We arrived home just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.  That year we had soooo much to be thankful for.  It brings tears to my eyes to imagine the families who suffer the loss of a loved one, especially through the holidays. My family was extremely lucky that our story had a happy ending. Sadly many families aren’t as lucky, it is my dream that more and more families will have the same blessings. By raising awareness, we can help save lives. Be thankful for all of the people in your life, NEVER let a day go by that you don’t show them how much you care! Keep the families and people who are suffering in your hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Natalie Curry