Centurion Scientific Cord Blood Kit

Centurion Scientific Cord Blood Kit

Deciding to bank your babies cord blood is only the first step to cord blood preservation…….But what happens after that………

Do you ever wonder who is responsible for making sure the delicate cord blood arrives to the bank safely, or what is stored in after the delivery? Of course you do,  that cord blood could save someones life someday! After the delivery, your babies cord blood is put into special made packaging and handed off to the courier service who then transports it to it’s  new home.  Many people do not realize that the stem cells found inside of  cord blood are preserved best when they are kept at room temperature.  They can remain at this temperature for up to 72 hours before they process it at the lab.

Centurion Scientific Inc. started in 1993, and is a leading manufacturer of UN regulated hazardous material packaging.  They provide the home where your babies cord blood resides between post delivery and bank processing! Approved by the FDA, Centurion Scientific provides cord blood kits on a customer specific basis.  To learn more about how Centurion Sceintific is helping to save lives please visit-http://centurionscientific.com/

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry