Continued from “The Special Two”-Kidney Transplant Day: Part I


………….As my family waited anxiously in the waiting room , the hours seemed to pass like weeks and the seconds like days. Five hours later some relief finally came, when Emily came out of surgery. She was doing as well, as could be expected and taken directly to a room.  The anticipation continued to build when 5 hours later no one had heard anything about me. Mom and dad began to get very concerned at the 10 hour mark and were begging for some answers.  Had the perfect opportunity to save my life just turned into the perfect nightmare?

A couple of hours later a doctor approached the waiting area to explain my condition.  The head of surgery began by expressing,  that he was upset because he was interrupted during his dinner, to come to the hospital and help with the transplant. “They called me during my dinner to come here and finish the mess they created.” In response to the doctors attitude, Dad now says, he was surprised he didn’t hit him.  An error in the placing of Emily’s kidney caused them to take the kidney out, put it on ice and place it in a different location in my body.  Mom and dad followed the doctor to the ICU recovery room to see me for the first time after surgery.  When they reached my room, moms knees hit the hard floor as tears rolled down her cheek.  To mom and dad I was nearly unrecognizable, my face and entire body were so swollen from fluid,  that I had to be  connected to a ventilator.  Since the surgery had lasted twice as long as expected,  the doctors induced a coma to allow my body to heal easier and quicker. As dad picked mom up off the floor they made there way back to the waiting area.  Greeted with very anxious family members they explained what was going on.  Everyone was flooded with emotions, they were concerned but extremely grateful that I was alive. Cindy recalls this moment, as a moment that left no dry eye in the room.

For the next two days I remained in a coma. When I finally woke up I couldn’t talk because I was still on the ventilator and my eyes were so swollen that I could barely see.

My New Firsts:

First Face I saw: Jeff

First voice I heard: Mom

First “I love you”: Dad

First tears I saw: Emily

First hug: Audrey

First Thought: Oh my gosh I’m alive, Is Emily OK?

I couldn’t talk, so I would write down what I wanted to say.  I wasn’t in a lot of pain, but  my mouth was full of sores and was extremely dry.  The first few days are very blurry but what I do remember, I will never forget. Emily was on a different floor of the hospital than I was, so everyone went back in forth from her room to mine. However, I was NEVER alone, someone was always there. The day that I woke up Dad brought Emily down in a wheel chair. He put the wheel chair on the left hand side of my bed, Emily reached out and touched my hands with tears rolling down her face. This moment broke my heart, I hated that I had made her cry.

This is just one excerpt,  there is much more to this story and many others that can be found in my upcoming book. 

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Natalie Curry