One of My Favorite Characters on Grey's Anatomy- Dr (Arizona) Robbins

One of My Favorite Characters on Grey's Anatomy- Dr (Arizona) Robbins

When I started this web site my intentions were to raise awareness for cord blood/stem cells. Everyday I make it my priority to learn more about what is going on the world of cord blood, so that I can help spread the word! When I happen upon other people who are educated about, or who share my passion for cord blood, I get VERY excited.  One of the best moments yet,  was while I was watching one of my favorite TV shows the other night.  Grey’s Anantony  continues to pull me in with it’s inspiring characters and amazing medical stories.

The last episode that I watched was especially poignant. In one of the scenes, a baby is born through an emergency C-Section, when her arm is accidentally cut off from the incision. In a scramble to save the babies arm, doctors pull the babies umbilical cord out of the TRASH!  Yes…..out of the TRASH!  Dr. McSteamy and Dr. (Arizona) Robbins successfully reattach the arm by using the umbilical cord and the baby is given a chance at a normal life. This brings up a very important question, why was the cord blood in the trash to begin with?  The simple answer to this question is, that parents weren’t educated about the importance of preserving it.

 I am never surprised, yet always blown away in the abilities of cord blood and stem cells. With cord blood making more and more national TV appearances it is only a matter of time before everyone will know the importance of saving the cord.

Take this so called, “Trash” and turn into your “Treasure”.

Together We CAN Help Save lives,

Natalie Curry