I wanted to share another story from my upcoming book.  This is a story from the very beginning about how my family dealt with my birth and the surprises surrounding it……….


On January 11th, 1985 the day finally arrived! With the delivery room full of all of the expected emotions and the waiting room filled of all of their family and friends Mom and Dad were ready to welcome there first child. Then the unthinkable happens, a moment that is supposed to fill their hearts with happiness soon turned to shock, confusion and fear. From the minute I was born it was clear that I was not normal. When my mom looked at her new baby girl she was devastated to find that, not only was I tiny but I was also missing fingers on my left and right hand. And as she would find out later these were just the beginning of the problems. A fear and sadness filled her heart, a moment that is described by many parents as the best day of there lives had become a living nightmare for mine! The worst part for them was not knowing if I was even going to live through the night?  As dad approached the waiting room his eyes filled with tears and everyone quickly knew something was terribly wrong.  Overcome with feelings of worry, no one was sure what would happen next.  That was the day, the day, that was the beginning of a very long journey. That would test a marriage, family relationships and lead everyone down a long tumultuous path.

 This is only a small part of this story, much more can be found in my upcoming book.

No parent should have to suffer the fear of the unknown and this is why saving cord blood should be mandatory! No one ever expects this to happen to them.  But just in case it does wouldn’t you feel much better knowing there is a cord blood match out there somewhere for your baby.

If you have any questions about cord blood please feel free to ask!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry