Audrey, Dad, Me and Emily just days after the kidney transplant!

Audrey, Dad, Me and Emily just days after the kidney transplant!

I want to share another story from, my upcoming book!

Kidney Transplant-Part 1:

I’ll never forget the feelings I had that day, I had been dreading this moment for years and it had finally arrived. I had a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat, a relentless churning in my stomach and a sharp pain resting deep in my heart. I remember these feelings like it was yesterday.

It all started when I was 17 and I was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. I was shocked, to say the least, to be receiving such a grim diagnosis so suddenly.  I had an extremely active life style and enjoyed the same activities all the other kids at my high school enjoyed. In the course of about three months I went from feeling fine to being seriously ill and admitted into the ICU. The doctors told me that I was going to have to have a kidney transplant, and that it was only a matter of time. “ How much time?” I wondered, two weeks, a few months or years? Immediately the doctors acknowledged that I would need a donor. Luckily we didn’t have to look far. Since my younger sister, Emily was the donor for my cord blood transplant, she was a perfect match to donate her kidney.  Emily jumped at the opportunity and said “ I AM going to give Natalie my kidney, I don‘t want anyone else to do it.”  Only one BIG problem! At that time Emily was only 14, and couldn’t legally donate until she was 18. Could I wait four more years, would her kidney fit in my body, and what did this mean for Emily’s future? These are the questions that I was faced with. I was never concerned for myself, only for Emily. The thought of anything happening to her at my expense was more than I could bare.

With a very strict and regulated schedule of medications, my condition was stabilized. I was never fully able to go back to normal life, but was so glad to be out of the hospital. Under very close observation of doctors and numerous medication daily, I was able to remain stable for about FOUR years.  Let me ask you “Do you believe in miracles?” Well you should, because what I’m about to tell you is nothing short of that!  My counts had remained stable until right after Emily’s 18th birthday. This was the blessing we had all been hoping for.

When my counts had dropped to the point of no return, it was time for the transplant. Emily and I were both admitted into the hospital the day before the transplant. In the company of close friends we slept side by side in the same room. For me it was a sleepless night that felt like it lasted for weeks. As I lay in my bed next to hers, I watched her sleep, I prayed and I felt NO fear for myself. As tears rolled down my cheeks I knew that in the morning everything could change forever.

When morning came, Mom, Dad, Jeff (best Stepdad ever), Cindy (Best Stepmom ever), Audrey (Amazing sister) and my grandparents arrived. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room, as we all waited for the transplant to begin.  A short while later the doctors came in to take Emily back to the OR. It seemed as though my heart was going to stop beating. Fighting back the tears, I watched them roll, my baby sister down the hall. Not knowing if I’d ever see her alive again, I ran after her begging them to take me first. With a big hug, a kiss and an I love you, she was gone…………

There is much more to this story and many others that can be found in my upcoming book!

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Cord Blood saved my life once and who would have imagined it could save my life twice! It is the reason I had a perfect match in Emily for my kidney transplant and the reason I am able to share my stories with you. Please help me spread the news about this incredible life saving resource.