Senator Kennedy

Senator Kennedy

Sadly our country lost a great man yesterday and the Kennedy family has suffered yet another tragic loss. Senator Kennedy was a good man and a great politician. He stood for so many important things but most importantly he stood for the equality of the American people. He believed that every American was entitled to health insurance. He felt that there should be no discriminating factors that could determine ones right to receiving health insurance.

Anyone who has ever been to a see a doctor or just had simple blood work done knows how tough health insurance companies can be. For me I can especially relate since it has been a constant battle my entire life. When Mom and Dad were making preparations for my cord blood transplant in the late 80’s my insurance claim was denied OVER and OVER again. The insurance companies stated that since “I wasn’t on my death bed”, yet, it wasn’t necessary for me to have a transplant so they kept denying to pay.  Without a transplant I was going to die, it was only a matter of time. My parents refused to take “no” for an answer, so they hired an attorney to fight a legal battle with the insurance company. The insurance company ended up paying for a portion of my transplant. With the help of close family and friends mom and dad got the funding they needed to make my transplant successful.

Unfortunately many people are not as lucky as I was. Many of them die fighting the battle against their insurance companies because they run out of time and succumb to their illness. 

Cord Blood banking is not yet being covered by insurance companies. However the good news is that now some insurance companies are beginning to consider covering cord blood banking. Hopefully in the near future many insurance companies will be able to provide families with assistance in banking their child’s cord blood.

As the late great senator Kennedy said “Insurance should be a
right NOT a Fight!”

You opinions are VERY important to me, please let me know your thoughts.

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry