sweet revenge

Justin, me, Jeff and Mom at Sweet Revenge in NYC.....enjoying amazing cupcakes!



Earlier this week while I was on my lunch break I read a very touching newspaper article that my dad mailed to me. It was a story about a little girl who suffers from A plastic anemia and is now recovering.  Her wish was to attend the Kentucky Derby and Oaks horse races. Thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation her dreams came true. I was very inspired by her amazing story. I was once again reminded how much I want to help sick children and there families.

I feel like I’m doing what I can, but it’s not enough! I am very confident that my purpose in life is to help others especially children and those going through medical obstacles. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t do more, and that I can’t just reach out to all of them and give them hope. I am constantly brainstorming on ways that I can make a widespread impact. Every time I end up with the same answer, a book.  And though I am pursuing that avenue as aggressively as possible I almost feel like there’s something I’m just missing.  Something that I’m so close to I can feel it!

I don’t know……. it’s a hard feeling to describe but it’s deep in my heart. Sometimes I begin to wonder if I am just dreaming too big of dream. It’s hard to tell if it’s just wishful thinking or if it really is my destiny?! One thing is for sure, I will NOT give up!

Together We CAN Help Save Lives,

Natalie Curry